Social Networking By The People, For The People, and of The People

Statement of Intent

NOTE: Chill out. We support Q, but we are not Q. Our logo is simply a Q.

Because we believe in God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, and because we believe that He is the inspiration of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and that free speech is a God given right, we are launching – a conservative based free speech social network.

Because you have the right to post what you want free from corporate censorship, and because it is YOUR life, our network will never be taken to Wall Street to get rich through blood money through corruption.

Because we are not going to Wall Street with an IPO to “make it big”, there is no need to track your life. We have no interest in what you ate for dinner, or what your political beliefs are, or where your children play at their favorite playground.

Because we have no need to track our users at a personally identifiable level, there is no need for advertising to clutter the space in which you communicate.

Because you have more room on the page to communicate, you deserve the best account management tools in a fast, reliable, secure, and agile social network.

It is our intent to directly challenge Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The reason we are challenging these frameworks is because they have abandoned their post as beacons for freedom and free speech. These networks were established to bring people together and Jack and Mark were going to change the world. Instead they sold out to Wall Street, profiting off of your most intimate life stories you were sharing with friends and family.

There must exist a place where freedom of speech is cherished. It must be cultivated. People must be able to say what they want without fear of being banned or throttled. It is our promise to not censor users, although we will not allow threats or stalking or any illegal activity.

Of course we will have to track your data. You expect statistics on the number of posts, reposts, friends, and other bits of information you have come to expect with social media. But think logically for a moment. If that is all we are tracking, and there are no ads, and no presence on Wall Street, the information we collect is only collected to make your experience that much better.

Web First and then Mobile

It is our intent to first launch a robust mobile friendly website followed by a easy to use phone app for Apple and Android. The reason for this is because it is the fastest way for us to build a complete system. The mobile app will communicate with the APIs which power the website.

Revenue Generation

Without ads, we must make income. This will be done through a nominal monthly fee of $1. Remember it is not about being super rich for us. We are banking on the free speech patriots out there. If we build it, they will come. A simple $12 yearly payment allows full unrestricted access to the network.

Giving it away

Our terms and conditions state that in exchange for the small fee your information will never be sold to a third party. In fact we are fairly autonomous and are building our tools from the ground up. In the beginning of this post, we put God at the head, where He should be. He is the sole author of free speech and Truth. If God is at the head our public statement is that we will tithe the top 10% (at least) of revenue, not profit. This money will go toward grants for high dollar medical needs, emergency home repair, donations (at your direction) to low-admin-cost non-profits, Wounded Warriors (if they want to participate in this donation program) and various other veteran organizations. Although we are a for-profit company we are linking our income to the number of users as it should be.

Testing Us

Engage with us. We understand that you are suspect of what we are trying to do. We will be happy to answer your questions because we want to be engaged with our users. Our mantra is “you are what others perceive you to be.”

If you cannot trust us, we are untrustworthy. We are void.

Temporary site

We have a temporary blog setup to engage with users. Check it out at as there are a lot of good engagement tools. You can even send a feature request directly to our project manager. It may not make it into the MVP launch of the site, but it will be recorded and discussed and we won't leave you hanging.

So. Get busy, help us grow. If you want to help us RT polls and updates, DM @quipozofficial on twitter and you can become a grass roots ambassador for Quipoz, and in turn you will get new features before the general public.

Are you ready? We are getting close. More to come.

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Twitter - Official: @quipozofficial
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Facebook - Our Page

Be A Grass Root Ambassador

We are seeking an army of 20,000 people to help get the word out in advance of our launch. For helping us grow we have some perks and are taking suggestions for additional perks as a thank you for helping us grow. Read more

Challenge the Social Quo

  • 10% of revenue given to charity
  • First Amendment friendly
  • Flexibile notifications
  • No advertisements
  • No geotagging
  • No invasive tracking
  • Complete account controls
  • You, being you.

Engage with us on our temporary blog at We are taking feature requests. What do you want?

Social Freedom Arrives 2019